NH House/Senate leadership statements RE: 2010 Republican sweep

The following statements from the leadership of both the New Hampshire House and Senate were given today on the anniversary of the 2010 November elections which resulted in the control of both chambers returning to Republicans leadership.
Speaker William O'Brien
"New Hampshire is in a significantly better place than it was a year ago. Thanks to Republican legislative leadership,  we closed a budget deficit of nearly a billion dollars, funded state government for the next two years without new taxes or fees and delivered twelve tax and fee reductions. Importantly,  we improved New Hampshire’s jobs climate by enacting 43 laws that cut regulations and red tape on employers. Granite Staters can expect similar leadership in the year to come.  We told voters a year ago that New Hampshire could do better.  By keeping our promises, New Hampshire is doing better."
Senate President Peter Bragdon

“Anniversaries are usually a time to celebrate and reflect. As Republicans, we are fortunate to be able to do both today on the one year anniversary of our election victories last November.  The voters sent us a clear message and we are proud to say we have delivered.  With GOP majorities in the Senate and the House, we brought new leadership to the state house and with it came a strong resolve to be fiscally responsible and reduce the size of government, all the while keeping our focus on jobs and the economy.  As a result, New Hampshire is definitely in better shape now than it was one year ago.”