DNC - Boston Globe: Democrats try fresh request to target Mitt Romney's records handling at end of term


Democrats try fresh request to target Mitt Romney’s records handling at end of term

Boston Globe // Matt Viser

Published at 11:56 AM

The Democratic National Committee, continuing to target Mitt Romney, is filing more public information requests today to try and determine how and when his office disposed of records during the last few months of his term as Massachusetts governor.

The DNC is asking for all applications that would have allowed the outgoing Romney administration to transfer or destroy documents to the state archives. It is also asking for all correspondence related to the removal, destruction, or purchase of any public record, including a computer, hard drive, or disk.

The Globe reported last week that 11 of Romney’s aides took the unusual step of purchasing 17 hard drives from the governor’s office in 2006, just as Romney was leaving office and preparing for his first run for president.

The Romney administration also wiped the server for the governor’s office, as well as the remaining computers in the office, as they prepared to transfer power to Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat.

Over the weekend, Romney pointed out to reporters that his administration turned over paper records to the state archives in Dorchester.

“Under Massachusetts law, there is no provision asking either the governor or the Legislature to provide any information for the archives,’’ he said in New Hampshire. ‘‘We voluntarily decided to do something which is not required by law: We put together 700 boxes of material from our administration and provided that to the archives.’’

Romney also sought to explain why his aides purchased their hard drives, something that officials from past administrations said they had never heard of doing....

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