DNC Files Two Additional Massachusetts Public Records Requests for Romney Administration Records

Washington, DC – Today the Democratic National Committee submitted two additional formal public records requests for Romney Administration records. The requests follow Boston Globe reports that top Romney aides purchased their state-issued computer hard drives and administration e-mails were wiped from their servers. Following the Globe’s report on November 17th the DNC filed a public records requests to the Governor’s office; that request is available here.
Today’s requests are available here and here. The first request, addressed to the Massachusetts Archives requests documents, including those “related to the transfer or movement of any public record or document, in any form whatsoever, to the Massachusetts Archives or to any other location, or to the destruction of disposition in any manner of any document or material of any type.”
The second request, addressed to the Governor’s office supplements the previous DNC request made on November 17, 2011. The additional request includes “information that has come to light since the last request.” Included in the new request are for records of “the Governor’s authorization to staff requests for the acquisition of hard drives from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts” and requests “for permission to acquire hard drives, including any such records bearing on the legal basis for such requests, that reference or are authored by Natalie Crate, the then Governor’s personal assistant.” According the Globe’s reporting, Crate purchased three hard drives at the end of Romney’s term. 
Since this story first broke last week, both Romney and his campaign spokesperson have admitted that records were destroyed to prevent them from falling in the hands of his political opponents.
The full requests are available here and here.