Media widely covers Smith campaign announcement of "Bold New Leadership"

Manchester - Yesterday, newly announced candidate for Governor, Kevin Smith, appeared on WMUR's Close-Up with host, Josh McElveen, to discuss his run for Governor.  After the segment, in a round-table discussion between McElveen and WMUR's political analyst, James Pindell, Pindell made the following observations about the interview with Smith:

"A lot of these first time candidates... they think it's about them.  Kevin's really making the argument that it's about big ideas... and that's going to be something that's a smart move as he goes forward."

Pindell went on to say:

"...And if Kevin's out there with interesting new ideas, that's probably a good place to be."

Last week, Kevin Smith announced his candidacy for Governor which was widely covered in the media: 

The Union Leader (11/16/11) said, "With the theme of 'Bold New Leadership,' Smith said the focus of his campaign will be on reforming state government and job creation."

The Lobby (11/18/11) political website stated, "Kevin Smith has joined the race for state governor, and he's armed with plans for New Hampshire's economy."

The Concord Monitor (11/18/11) reported, "Smith proposes reforming or eliminating the state's business enterprise tax and easing regulations."

The national website POLITICO (11/16/11) also weighed in, "Rather than ideological, Smith's battle with Lamontagne will likely be more generational focused, with an argument that sounds like this: I represent a new strand of conservatism."

Last week, Smith launched the splash page for his candidacy, www.kevinsmithforgovernor.com, and named co-chairs of his PAC: Republican activist and former Cheshire Country GOP Chair, Juliana Bergeron of Keene, and small business owner and former professional athlete, John Mortimer of New London.

Juliana Bergeron (Chairman):

A self-employed financial advisor, Juliana Bergeron served several terms as chair of the Cheshire County Republican Committee and ran for NH GOP chair in 2011. She is currently a member of Mitt Romney’s NH steering committee. Juliana is a past graduate of Vesta Roy and is the previous Director of both the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce and the Monadnock Economic Development Corporation. She is also a member of the NH Federation of Republican Women and other community organizations. Bergeron resides on the Main St. of Keene, NH with her husband, Arto Leino.

“As someone who has been active member within the Republican Party for years, I can tell you that Kevin is the right person at the right time to lead our party, and our state, at a time when partisan politics all too often gets in the way of getting things done for the people of this state.  He has the right temperament for the job and has shown prudence in his leadership style that has earned him the respect of both his friends and political opponents,” Bergeron said.

Bergeron continued, “Kevin represents a new brand of conservative leadership that is principled but also respects the views of others.  He’s shown he knows how to get the job done and I am proud to endorse his candidacy for Governor.”

John Mortimer (Treasurer):

After a rewarding high school (Londonderry High School, NH), college (University of Michigan), professional running career, and a decade of NCAA Division-I coaching (Harvard, Boston College, and the University of Kentucky), John returned to his native New Hampshire and turned his sights to event management and founded Millennium Running, LLC in 2010.  Mortimer is a New Hampshire native and attended Londonderry High School ('95). Under legendary high school coach, Larry Martin, Mortimer won 12 NH State Championships in track and cross country and was a 3-time High School National Champion in track. He is a University of Michigan graduate where he won 6 Big Ten Championships and was a 7-time NCAA All American.  Currently, Mortimer and his family reside in New London, NH.

“Having been born and raised in New Hampshire, and then having traveled the country as a professional athlete and coach, there is no better place I’d want to raise a family than right here in the Granite State – which is why my wife and I moved back here to raise our family and start a small business.  But as a small business owner with a young family, I am concerned about the number of college graduates and young families that have to move out of state just to find work - and that's why I am supporting Kevin,” said Mortimer.

Mortimer continued, “Kevin’s offering bold solutions and has a vision for the new kind of long-term sustainable jobs that will make New Hampshire prosper in the future.  I also know Kevin is looking out for the little guy like me who’s in the early stages of getting a business off the ground here.  He understands we need a regulatory and business tax environment that encourages businesses to grow and put more Granite Staters to work!”


Bio of Kevin Smith:

Kevin H. Smith is a 2012 candidate for Governor in the great state of New Hampshire.

Kevin is widely respected as one of the most effective advocates on behalf of New Hampshire families, small businesses, veterans and retirees and the policies that preserve the Granite State's timeless principles of limited government, free-enterprise and low taxation.

Kevin served in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, where his constituents in Londonderry elected him to represent them in 1996. While in the House, Kevin served on the Judiciary and Family Law Committee.

At the same time, Kevin was the Director of a before and after-school child care program and also worked as an elementary school para-professional, assisting students with special needs.

While working multiple jobs and fulfilling his responsibilities as a State Representative, Kevin attended school, taking night classes at the Manchester campus of UNH, eventually earning his bachelor degree in communication.

Following his time in the House, Kevin worked for both former United States Senator, Bob Smith and New Hampshire Governor, Craig Benson. During his time in the US Senate, Kevin was the outreach liaison to New Hampshire's law enforcement and public safety community, as well as a citizen caseworker helping New Hampshire veterans, retirees, families and others.

Kevin served in the Governor's Office for two years, as the Governor's liaison to the Executive Branch Department Heads and the Executive Council, where he assisted with appointments to Executive Branch Boards, Commissions, and Departments. Kevin also served on the Interagency Commission to End Homelessness during his time in the Governor's Office.

In 2005, Kevin was appointed to New Hampshire's Division for Juvenile Justice Services, where he became Assistant Director of the Department. During his tenure, Kevin was responsible for overseeing the Finance and Quality Assurance functions, and led his team to develop the Division's first taxpayer "report card" which measured the results and efficacy of various programs funded within the Division.

Kevin has also been a member of the New Hampshire Chiefs of Police and worked closely with law enforcement and District Court judges on matters such as developing alternatives to juvenile detention and reducing the incidence of disproportionate minority contact in urban areas. Kevin also worked closely with the Commissioner of Health and Human Services to develop the state's first Office of Faith-based and Community Programs as a means to find local, community and private-sector solutions to meet the needs of New Hampshire's most vulnerable citizens when state resources were not available.

After serving in the Division, Kevin spent three years as Executive Director of Cornerstone Action, a non-partisan conservative advocacy organization dedicated to the advancement of policies that promote free markets, limited government and personal responsibility in the New Hampshire State Legislature. As Executive Director, Kevin grew the organization into the most respected advocacy organization in the state, increased revenues ten-fold, and was recognized by Business NH Magazine on their "10 Most Influential People" list.

Kevin graduated from Londonderry High School, where he has been the "Voice of the Lancers" for 17 years for the Friday Night Football games. Kevin was appointed to the New Hampshire Advisory Committee to the US Commission on Civil Rights in 2009 and continues to serve on the Committee. He is also a volunteer ambassador to the ONE Campaign and is currently the President of Smith Enterprises, a government and public relations consulting firm.

Kevin resides in Litchfield where he lives with his wife, Suzy, and their three children, Colby, Lindsay, and Tommy.