NH GOP - Your Help is Stopping Obama's Occupy N.H. Effort


Although Barack Obama hasn't been to our state in almost two years, he'll be here tomorrow for -- guess what? -- another political speech!  Last week, we set a goal to rally our supporters, sign up volunteers and send Obama a message before his campaign swing.  Thanks to your help, we're close to hitting our goals. 

With your help TODAY, we can achieve our goal of raising $2,500 before the President arrives in Manchester tomorrow.  Can you donate $100, $75 or $50 to help us tell Obama that he won't be occupying New Hampshire in 2012?

We want to tell President Obama that we don't need more speeches and more rhetoric.  We need real leadership in the White House!  Instead of ObamaCare and another failed stimulus bill, we want lower taxes, limited government and fiscal discipline.

Tomorrow we can send that message to the President when he visits Manchester, but we need your help now.  Stop Obama from occupying New Hampshire in 2012 by donating $100, $50 or $25 today!


Chairman Wayne MacDonald
N.H. Republican State Committee