"We the People" Founder Jennifer Horn Comments on Super Failure of Super Committee

Nashua, NH- We the People founder Jennifer Horn released the following statement, following the so-called Super Committee’s failure to come up with the $1.5 trillion in cuts and/or revenue they were tasked with.

"The failure of the Super Committee to come up with the requisite 1.5 trillion dollars in cuts, is yet another example of Washington's inability to function and this President's failure to lead.  One would think that 14 million unemployed Americans, 15 trillion dollars in debt and the threat of yet another credit downgrade would be enough to motivate the folks in Washington to finally, once and for all, step up and actually do their jobs.  That they have chosen not to do so is a devastating blow to the American people.

“It is long past time for President Obama to recognize that we really cannot spend our way out of debt; he must step up now and demand the cuts necessary to right the economy and allow American businesses to get back to work.  As he comes to New Hampshire tomorrow, I hope he keeps in mind that Granite Staters are smart enough to know who is responsible for this failure and passing the buck won’t fly."

For more information go to: www.wethepeoplefreedomforum.org