Gov. Perry: TSA Should Be Transitioned to Public-Private Partnership

From Gov. Perry's "Uproot and Overhaul Washington" plan:

Transportation Security Administration:
The Transportation Security Administration should be transitioned to a public-private partnership.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a costly and bureaucratic mess that has done more to demean travelers than secure our nation's transportation corridors. The current government policy of accosting grandmothers and toddlers has done nothing to reduce the threat of terrorism or make America safer.

There is an existing model for effective public-private oversight of airport and transportation security that has been deployed for years in more than a dozen U.S. airports, including San Francisco and Kansas City, Missouri, but the TSA administrator in January of 2011 explicitly prohibited additional airports from utilizing the optional public-private model.

The Screening Partnership Program (SPP) allows airports to hire qualified private screening companies that are overseen by federal authorities. In San Francisco, where the program has been extensively used, the private screeners were far more efficient than federal screeners. According to a lengthy congressional report on SPP, if federal screeners were as efficient as their private counterparts, salary savings at the nation's top 35 airports alone would total at least $1 billion each year.

The current government-only model of transportation security should be phased out and replaced with a public-private partnership model along the lines of the successful Screening Partnership Program.
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