WEDNESDAY MANCHESTER NEWS CONF: Andy Martin opens "Battle of 'The Balsams'"

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Manchester news conference today, Wednesday, November 23rd to announce a new avalanche of litigation and investigation seeking to reopen and save one of New Hampshire’s last remaining historic resort hotels, “The Balsams.” Andy charges that NH Governor John Lynch and Attorney General Michael Delaney are implicated in a major political scandal involving The Balsams. Andy is a nationally known and respected corruption fighter. Wednesday Andy will be conducting a radio blitz on WGAM-AM (“Girard At Large”) and WTPL-FM (“Bulldog Live”).

Andy Martin calls the political scandal involving “The Balsams” a “Chinatown”-type situation


Andy’s research implicates the New Hampshire governor and attorney general in a fraud scheme which has endangered The Balsams’ survival

Andy says Governor Lynch and General Delaney are close associates and it is doubtful Lynch was unaware of what Delaney was doing at The Balsams

Andy says he stumbled over the corruption involving The Balsams due to his presidential campaign’s presence in New Hampshire

BULLETIN: Andy will be conducting a “radio blitz” Wednesday. He is scheduled to be a guest on Girard At Large, WGAM-AM 1250 at 8:00 A.M. and on WTPL-FM’s “Bulldog Live” some time between 10:00 A.M. and noon

(MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE) (November 23, 2011) The man who has helped send crooked Chicago politicians to federal prison holds a news conference in Manchester, New Hampshire Wednesday to announce what he feels may be a major political scandal involving NH Governor John Lynch and NH Attorney General Michael Delaney. The controversy involves Andy Martin’s efforts to save one of America’s few remaining historic resort hotels, “The Balsams” of Dixville Notch, NH.

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Manchester news conference today, Wednesday, November 23rd to level conflict of interest and corruption charges at Lynch, Delaney and the trustees of the Tillotson Trust. Andy says they have manipulated the Tillotson Corporation so as to endanger the survival of the North Country’s legendary hotel.

“All day Wednesday we will be taking investigative action to expose what I believe is a major political scandal in New Hampshire,” Andy says. “This one may arise in Concord, but the machinations involving the Attorney General, Governor and The Balsams have a distinctly ‘Chicago’ stench to the events leading to the purported sale and closing of The Balsams.”

On August 18th the New Hampshire Supreme Court denied an emergency writ Andy had filed to block the sale of The Balsams to Ocean Properties, but gave him permission to refile his charges in the Superior Court. Andy has been continuing his undercover investigation.

“The more I investigate the role of the governor and attorney general the more The Balsams situation in turning into a ‘Chinatown’ situation,” Andy charges “with endemic corruption throughout the New Hampshire power structure, much like the movie ‘Chinatown’ chronicled corruption in Los Angeles. There are conflicts of interest galore, as well as cross-currents that may link The Balsams to a related controversy involving the Northern Pass. I am particularly interested to see what Ovide Lamontagne’s role has been in all of this.

“Very honestly we stumbled across this scandal while campaigning across the state. If I had not been a presidential candidate it is unlikely we would have ever uncovered The Balsams corruption. But we did discover The Balsams scandal and we are ready to go public with accusations that will embarrass the administration as well as the other bottom feeders who are milking the Tillotson Trust,” Andy says. “The Balsams is a national historic treasure, and a great asset to New Hampshire. It is criminal the way the politicians and political bloodsuckers are destroying the property and eliminating hundreds of good jobs in the North Country. Wednesday afternoon we take our corruption battle to a new level. We name names and we will be issuing a de facto ‘presentment’ with specific allegations of wrongdoing.

“Quite by accident and not by design my presidential campaign has become a de facto anti-corruption strike force for New Hampshire. But then again my 45 years of corruption-fighting experience are why I am qualified to be the presidential nominee and my primary opponents are not.

“Life abounds in coincidences and serendipity. My ‘Battle of “The Balsams”’ is an example of just such an unanticipated event that flows from my fortuitous reappearance in New Hampshire as a presidential candidate.

“People who expect me to disappear from the New Hampshire scene on January 11th may be surprised,” Andy says.

Andy’s family is from New Hampshire; his mother was born in Manchester.

Go to for a synopsis of some of his crime-fighting activity over the decades. Andy specializes in judicial and political corruption cases.



Independent Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin takes action to reopen The Balsams, seeks removal of Tillotson Trust trustees for self-dealing and corruption; Martin says major scandal implicated NH Governor Lynch and AG Michael Delaney


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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011, 4:45 P.M.