WTAS: Gov. Huntsman’s Debate Performance

The Associated Press Headline: “Romney, Huntsman Spar Over Afghanistan Policy” (“Romney, Huntsman Spar Over Afghanistan Policy,” The Associated Press, 11/22/11)

The New York Times Headline: “Huntsman And Romney Clash On Afghanistan” (Michael D. Shear, “Huntsman And Romney Clash On Afghanistan,” The New York Times’ “Election 2012” Blog, 11/22/11)

The Hill Headline: “Huntsman, Romney Trade Jabs Over Afghanistan Drawdown” (Jeremy Herb, “Huntsman, Romney Trade Jabs Over Afghanistan Drawdown,” The Hill’s “Ballot Box” Blog, 11/22/11)

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele: “Romney's ‘commanders on the ground’ slammed up against Huntsman ‘Commander in Chief’ makes the decision and got rocked.” (Michael Steele Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

  • Chairman Steele: “Huntsman makes a nice connection between foreign policy and economic development with China and Afghanistan.” (Michael Steele Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

The New York Times’ Nate Silver’s Final Debate Grade For Gov. Huntsman: “A-” (Nate Silver Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: “On foreign policy, Huntsman has no peer in this Republican field. That was obvious tonight.” (Joe Scarborough Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

Business Insider: “Jon Huntsman: He had his best debate to date. He landed a big blow to Mitt Romney on Afghanistan, showing how much damage he can do if he is taken seriously in these debates.” (Zeke Miller, “Here Are The Winners And Losers Of Tonight's GOP National Security Debate,” Business Insider, 11/22/11)

Political Wire Blog’s Taegan Goddard: “Jon Huntsman had his best debate yet. It's clear he's given significant thought to these issues while living abroad as an ambassador.” (Taegan Goddard, “Reaction To The GOP Debate,” Political Wire Blog, 11/22/11)

Newsweek’s McKay Coppins: “No doubt this was Huntsman's strongest debate performance yet. If he keeps this aggressiveness up, he could do some damage in NH...” (McKay Coppins Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

CNN’s Piers Morgan: “Good night for Gingrich & Huntsman. Romney flat, Perry better, Paul lively, Cain & Bachmann irrelevant, taxi for Santorum.” (Piers Morgan Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

The Washington Examiner’s David Freddoso: “Huntsman did himself some favors. Romney played it safe … Gingrich might have created the big problem for himself.” (David Freddoso Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

Politico’s Jonathan Martin On Gov. Huntsman’s Final Debate Answer: “One of best Huntsman answers of year” (Jonathan Martin Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

Daily Caller’s Alex Pappas: “Strong finish from Huntsman, pivoting back to economy as national security threat” (Alex Pappas Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

Huffington Post’s Jon Ward: “Good rebuttal by Huntsman to Romney on Afghanistan. One of JH's strongest moments this campaign.” (Jon Ward Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan: “Huntsman is on a roll - especially the comeback on deferring to military commanders. A great line about the generals in Vietnam. Maybe this is Huntsman's break-out moment. Man, I hope so. He's the sane conservative path past fear.” (Andrew Sullivan, “Live-Blogging The CNN Foreign Policy Debate,” The Daily Beast’s “Andrew Sullivan The Dish” Blog, 11/22/11)

ABC’s Rick Klein: “Huntsman gets bonus points for talking about the economy and broken US government.” (Rick Klein Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

Human Event’s Tony Lee: “Huntsman on trust deficit was very smart.” (Tony Lee Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)

The Washington Post’s “The Fix” Blog: “Given the national security/foreign policy focus of this debate, it was one where the former Utah governor had to do well. And, by and large, he did.” (Chris Cillizza, “CNN Republican Debate: Winners And Losers,” The Washington Post’s “The Fix” Blog, 11/22/11)

Republican Strategist Soren Dayton: “Huntsman is getting a lot of time. And he is using it well” (Soren Dayton Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/22/11)