Andy Martin resumes march against Northern Pass

Andy Martin resumes his New Hampshire statewide march against Northern Pass on Thanksgiving Day

Andy will hold a Manchester news conference, head for Whitefield for a second news conference, and then start marching south on Route 3 towards Twin Mountain, all on Thanksgiving Day

Andy says it is time for Northern Pass opponents to “grow up and stand up,” or “shut up and sit down”

Granite State tough” Andy  Martin resumes marching against Northern Pass on a chilly Thanksgiving Day

BULLETIN: Late Wednesday afternoon Andy Martin filed suit in NH Superior Court to expose corruption by NH Governor John Lynch and AG Michael Delaney concerning fraud and corruption involving tens of millions of dollars of the Neil Tillotson Trust and “The Balsams” hotel in Dixville Notch. The lawsuit will probably not be formally entered on the record until Monday or Tuesday due to holiday closings. A more detailed release will follow Friday.

(MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE) (Thanksgiving, November 24, 2011) 

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold Manchester and Whitefield news conferences today, Thanksgiving morning at 9:00 A.M., Thursday, in Manchester and at noon in Whitefield, November 24th to announce he is heading to the North Country and dedicating his Thanksgiving Day to resuming his march against the Northern Pass high voltage transmission line. Andy will hold his news conference in Whitefield and then resume his march against Northern Pass.

“Thursday morning Thanksgiving Day I am delighted to announce in Manchester that I am resuming my march against Northern Pass,” Andy says. “I will resume marching at noon at the town green/center in Whitefield (the gazebo) and then march south on Route 3 towards Twin Mountain.

“I am dedicating my holiday to marching against Northern Pass because I strongly and sincerely believe the proposal is bad for New Hampshire, though Northern Pass deal-makers may enrich a handful of power brokers in Manchester, Boston and Hartford. They will also be passing out ‘peanuts’ to New Hampshire landowners.

“I note the same people who promise Northern Pass will be ‘problem free’ could not repair their existing electrical network last month and had to fire their chief executive because of service delays in Connecticut.

“But I also have some ‘tough love’ for local Northern Pass opponents. It is time for local opponents to grow up and stand up, or sit down and shut up. I have seen over the past several months an almost childlike innocence among NP opponents, as though the purity of their motives would automatically triumph over powerful economic interests and lobbyists in Washington. Even ‘Harry Potter’ knows that’s naïve. ‘It ain’t happening.’ The reality: either fight hard against Northern Pass or fry under the high voltage towers.

“Wake up, New Hampshire!

“The ‘big money’ supporting Northern Pass now has a presidential candidate who is going to support Northern Pass (more on this cash conflict in the days ahead). This candidate is drawing massive financial support for his presidential race from Northern Pass interests. Northern Pass also has a gubernatorial candidate operating inside the Northern Pass law firm in Manchester.

“Northern Pass opponents have told me they ‘don’t get involved in politics,’ and that they are ‘nonpolitical.’ But billion dollar business projects are totally political undertakings. That’s why President Barack Hussein Nobama temporarily cancelled the Midwestern Keystone XL pipeline, a proposal similar to Northern Pass generating similar controversy. Pure politics.

“To say you are not going to be vigorously involved in the political process is to confess you are forfeiting your position to corporate power brokers who will do whatever it takes to make the deal and cash in, despite the misery they inflict on ordinary Granite State citizens.

“I saw somewhere that someone wants to enlist corrupt Washington lobbyist Newton Gingrich as an opponent of NP. Gingrich will say and do anything to get votes, and he will sucker the gullible with his windbag promises before he puts his hands on his backside to collect clandestine cash and give ‘strategic advice’ to the developers of Northern Pass. That’s the way the crooked influence peddling game is played in Washington, and Gingrich is a master player. He has corralled tens of millions of dollars from special interests to promote their agendas while simultaneously pretending to speak for ordinary folks on the same subjects. Sucker.

“Fighting powerful corporations isn’t easy, isn’t cheap and takes a lot of energy and a lot of hard work and a lot of shoe leather. I know, I have successfully been fighting powerbrokers for decades. And I don’t take cash on the side to give private ‘strategic advice’ to people who are fighting the groups I am supporting in public. I am no Newton Gingrich. If people are dumb enough to fall for the Gingrich spiel and vote for a thief like him, they deserve what they get. A stab in the back.

“If people want to fight Northern Pass, they can rest assured I am not giving strategic advice to NP or its lawyers at the back door the way Gingrich does. I don’t have my hand out behind my back.

“We’ll celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’ along Route 3 as we walk down from Whitefield towards Twin Mountain. We have cold cut turkey, rolls and even a pumpkin pie.

“On this wonderful holiday my heart will be with the people of New Hampshire who would suffer if Northern Pass succeeds. The time to make decisions and take action and stop shadow boxing has arrived. I know where I stand. Where do you stand on fighting Northern Pass? Are you real, or surreal?” Andy will state at his Manchester and Whitefield news conferences.



Independent Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will resume his march against the proposed Northern Pass high voltage transmission line


Hilton Garden Inn, Manchester, NH (Andy Martin suite #213)


Manchester, Thursday, November 24th, 9:00 A.M.


Town Green/Center, gazebo, noon, November 24th (just before Andy resumes his march against Northern Pass)

Note: We usually try to march against the Northern Pass route in sequential segments. We ended our last marching segment in Lancaster. But we believe the road between Lancaster and Whitefield is too difficult to walk on a day when snow may be a factor. We will go back and eventually march from Lancaster to Whitefield when the weather improves. Safety first.