The Daily Newt 11/23 - Newt’s Stance on Immigration

Watching last night’s CNN national security debate, I immediately identified a moment during one of Newt’s answers that would become fodder for the next day’s media cycle. Upon waking this morning, I was not let down.

The brilliance that is Newt Gingrich is that he has once again taken the position of a true leader by offering up solid, attainable solutions to a very difficult and overwhelming problem. Last night Newt tackled immigration reform by posing a “humane” approach to the 11-plus million people living illegally inside our borders today.

Most of these solutions can be found in Newt’s 21st Century Contract with America, but a few of the key points are as follows:

  1. Newt does not believe we have a binary choice between forcibly deporting 11 million people or letting them all stay. Newt recognizes that in some cases where people have lived in the United States for 20-25 years, have had children here, have joined churches and civic groups, and have OTHERWISE lived law abiding lives, we are unlikely to forcibly deport them but find a way to make an exception for such families, and regularize their status without providing citizenship.
  1. One idea for how to handle such humanitarian exceptions proposed by Gingrich is to empower local communities with the authority to allow those with long established roots in the neighborhood a legal residency status, but not citizenship. Newt believes local communities are at a better vantage point to determine if those there illegally should stay or go. Under this system, kind of like Selective Service System boards, we will send home those without 20-25 years of residency here and family and community ties.
  1. Newt opposed the DREAM Act. He agreed with a provision that it contained which allowed those who came to the United States illegally as children to serve in the U.S. Military to earn their citizenship, just as foreign nationals can already do.

Some in the media have unfairly compared Newt’s stance on illegal immigration to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s “soft” stance, whereby Perry allowed some illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition at Texas colleges and universities. That comparison truly is one of apples and oranges. Newt does not offer up any “free passes.” Newt poses a very serious question to those in the party, the party that prides itself as the party of families: do we as a nation really think the best solution is to board families onto a bus, a boat, a plane, and ship them somewhere? 

Think about the ramifications that kind of indifference would have for a moment. That’s not American. Newt knows this, and we Republicans know it too. We pride ourselves on being the party that liberates people to lead productive, responsible lives.

Let’s stop making illegal immigration a third-rail political talking point. It’s time for action. Newt offers real solutions to the real problems of Obama and the Left, whose policies leave America behind. Move forward with Newt in New Hampshire. Join