CEI Weekly: Giving Thanks to Capitalism

Friday, November 25, 2011




Feature: Fred Smith reminds us why we should be thankful for capitalism this Thanksgiving.

FEATURED STORY: Giving Thanks to Capitalism


Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate the holiday, CEI President Fred L. Smith has devoted this week's episode of his vodcast to explaining why we should all be thankful for the free market. Watch here.





Leaders With Ginni Thomas: Fred Smith

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New Trove of Stolen Climategate Emails is Released

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Climate Scientists Scoff at Stolen Emails

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Global Warming We Can All Cheer

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Why SOPA Threatens the DMCA Safe Harbor

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The EU Just Repudiated Itself and Nobody Noticed

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Driving a Bad Bargain on GM Bailout

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Gates Tells Jury Microsoft's No Bully

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November 23, 2011 -- The Most Expensive Regulation of All Time?


What is the single most expensive regulation of all time? Energy Policy Analyst William Yeatman has one candidate: the EPA’s proposal to regulate mercury emissions from coal-powered plants. If it passes, the regulation would cost at least ten billion dollars per year to benefit a very small group of people: pregnant women who have subsistence-level income, and eat mostly large fish caught in inland freshwater bodies.