Gingrich For President - The Daily Newt 11/29

The Daily Newt


Hello fellow Newtonians! 

This week has started off nothing short of exciting thanks to scoring a HUGE endorsement from the Union Leader.  Since our return from the Thanksgiving break our HQ has been buzzing with action!  There has been a constant flow of television, radio and news personalities coming through our doors all wanting to hear about the next step’s we have planned for Newt here in New Hampshire.  We've also seen a massive increase of volunteers joining the growing community, pledging their support to be with Newt in making America great again!

We will be rolling out some of our plans here this week in the coming ‘Daily Newt’s’, so be sure to keep checking in.  In the meantime, continue to keep pushing Newt as your true conservative candidate.  In fact, read this short article in the New York Times to see why Newt is the ‘Conservative Alternative’!  And be sure to pass it along to your friends!!

Media Updates:

Wednesday 11/30
Hannity (Fox) @ 9pm ET

Thursday 12/1
Greta (Fox) @ 10pm ET 


If you’re looking to get involved you can contact Pam Smith, our Volunteer Coordinator, at  Better yet, visit and see what you can do to help Newt.  Plus, signing up let’s you compete for cool prizes!