Huntsman Campaign Releases Statement In Response To Mitt Romney's Flip Flop Excuses

Manchester, NH- In response to Governor Romney's interview with Brett Baier this evening, Huntsman campaign spokesman Tim Miller issued the following statement:

"Romney's defense has zero credibility coming from a campaign that prides itself on taking quotes out of context. Romney has brazenly flip flopped every time a position he's held becomes politically inconvenient for him. We challenge him to point out specifically where we've taken him out of context.

"He continues to dodge, duck and deflect the tough questions and there is a reason why. The American people are looking for someone who they can trust, not Mitt Romney."

Huntsman campaign videos on Governor Romney's propensity to flip flop on the important issues:

Backflip (
Weather Vane (
Pretzel Candidate (

Transcript of Governor Romney's interview with Brett Baier:

FNC-TV (Special Report): Romney Interview, Baier Mentions JH Web Ad

BAIER: I'm sure you've seen these ads, using videotape of you in previous years, speaking on various issues.

ROMNEY: Uh-huh.

BAIER: And it seems like it's in direct contrast to positions you take now.

ROMNEY: Well, I'm glad that the democratic ads are breaking through and you got --

BAIER: Jon Huntsman has a couple ads that do the exact same thing.

ROMNEY: Yeah, and there’s no question. But the people are going to take snippets, and take things out of context, and try and show there are differences where in some cases there are not. But one place I changed my mind: which was with regards to the government’s role relating to abortion. I am pro-life. I did not take that position years ago. And that’s the same change that occurred with Ronald Reagan, with George W. Bush, with some of the leaders in the pro-life movement.