Townhall National GOP Primary

Vote in the National Online GOP Primary - December 13


Townhall Readers -- YOU are the voice of conservatives! We are acknowledging that by giving you an opportunity to participate in the GOP Primary, regardless of what state you call home. This is the largest online Republican National Primary. Voting will begin December 13, 2011 at 7:00 AM EST and it will close on December 15, 2011 at 4:30 PM EST.


In order to vote, you must be a registered user of, or have voted in the Presidential Straw Poll. You may also register prior to December 11, 2011 at If you are receiving this email, you are already registered. Every eligible voter will receive an email on December 13, 2011 with instructions on how to vote. You will only be allowed to vote one time.

The online primary gives our readers a chance to have their voice heard even if you do not live in an early voting state.


Actively campaigning presidential candidates who are polling at five percent or better in the National PollTracker Average on December 11, 2011 will be included in the primary. management reserves the right to make final decisions on eligibility.

"With the largest, conservative online media network, and will be a megaphone for millions of conservatives in 2012," Jonathan Garthwaite, general manager and vice president of Townhall said. "We're excited to give our vast readership a say in the Republican nomination process."

Along with the National GOP Primary, offers many outlets for readers to get involved in the conservative movement including content from noted journalists, conservative cartoons and its print publication, Townhall Magazine. HotAir is the go-to conservative blog for over two million readers each month. Contributing writers for the Townhall/HotAir network include, Ann Coulter, Thomas Sowell, Michelle Malkin, and many more.


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