Huntsman for President - Response to Mitt Romney's Timid Debt Speech

Manchester - Jon Huntsman for President spokesman Tim Miller issued the following statement on Mitt Romney's timid speech on debt and spending:

"Mitt Romney's speech was that of a typical politician, complete with a teleprompter. He pandered to interest groups and offered timid reforms to government spending, all the while trying to convince voters he will magically balance the budget anyway. Governor Romney's plan that protects subsidies, the Defense Department, and nibbles around the edges on entitlements leaves no doubt that he has no realistic plan or intention to honestly balance the budget.

"Jon Huntsman is not in bed with interest groups who want to protect their slice of the government pie. That's why he opposes all subsidies and corporate welfare, and supports cuts to the Defense Department and meaningful reforms to entitlements like the Ryan Plan. Jon Huntsman is offering the bold solutions America needs to get our books balanced and our economy back on track."