NH DHHS Food Stamp Clients Receive Replacement Benefits Due to October Snowstorm

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

(DHHS) Division of Family Assistance (DFA) is announcing it is replacing

Food Stamp (FS) benefits to clients affected by the widespread power

outages during the past week. Towns all over the State suffered severe

power outages as a result of the recent snowstorm, many homes in the

affected communities lost food creating a critical need for food


"People on food stamps who have lost food due to power outages may have

their benefits replaced in an amount that is equal to their loss of food,"

said Terry Smith, Director of DHHS's Division of Family Assistance. "We've

already gotten hundreds of requests for replacement. To replace benefits,

we will require a signed affidavit and some sort of proof that the client

lives in an area that lost power."

To call DHHS to request food stamp replacement, call 1-800-852-3354 ext.


Food Stamp recipients are given through November 8th to request a

replacement. However, DHHS has requested that the US Department of

Agriculture allow a waiver to extend this time frame to November 18th.

Recipients may not receive a replacement amount any larger than one month's

food stamp allotment.

Food Stamps is a federal nutrition program that is managed by the State's

Department of Health and Human Services.