U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta statement on release of October's 9.0 % unemployment rate

(Washington – November 4, 2011)    Rep. Frank Guinta (NH-01) released the following statement in response to October’s just-released 9.0% unemployment rate:

“For yet another month, the need for more good, middle-class jobs goes unfulfilled.  The U.S. House has been actively working for ten months to give job creators the predictability they need to expand and hire new employees.  We have passed bill after bill, only to watch them stall because of inaction in the Senate.  They’ve become known as the Forgotten 15, and Senate leaders apparently hope “out of sight” will become “out of mind” for the American people.  But we’re not going to let them stay “out of mind.”  Not when our country is crying out for more jobs.  I call upon the Senate’s leadership to respond to the urgency of the moment.   Pass the Forgotten 15, and let’s get more Americans back to work.”