AUL - A picture worth a thousand words

In This Issue: Americans United for Life celebrates 40 years of service, and the Washington Post and Weekly Standard profile Dr. Charmaine Yoest’s contributions to life.

40 Years in Five Minutes:
A look at the history, accomplishments and vision of Americans United for Life

On Wednesday, AUL celebrated its 40 year anniversary at the Newseum Museum in Washington, D.C. with a glittering Gala Celebration featuring members of Congress and other national leaders taking time to acknowledge the work of the nation's first, national pro-life organization.
To enjoy a five-minute look back at AUL's accomplishments and ahead to its vision of a nation in which everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law, click here

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The Unheralded Gains of the Pro-Life Movement

Weekly StandardThis week, the Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes featured AUL prominently in a cover story profile on the quiet successes of the pro-life movement. Looking at the trends and undercurrents among the people who make up the pro-life movement, Barnes noted that AUL has been successful in moving the pro-life ball into the end zone through legislation and legal acumen.
"The ultimate goal of pro-lifers remains what it's always been: overturning Roe v. Wade. They're reconciled to jumping through as many hoops as necessary to get there. Americans United for Life specializes in creating model antiabortion laws for states. It has a strategic plan for 'reversing Roe' or rendering it obsolete.' It starts with 'saving babies now' and preparing for the 'day after Roe.'
"AUL isn't kidding about vitiating Roe without overturning it ... 'When you regulate something, you get less of it,' a pro-life leader reminds me," wrote Barnes.
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The Washington Post Reports on
"A feminine face for the anti-abortion movement"

In a piece by Lisa Miller this week, the Washington Post takes note that the premier pro-life groups in the U.S. today are headed by women -- and mothers. Dr. Yoest, a mother of five, was among the pro-life leaders making the most significant contributions to the life debate who were featured.
"Abortion-rights activists, take note," wrote Miller. "These women represent a major strategic shift in the abortion war, and not just because they are generally more likable ... What these women offer is relatability."
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