Perry for President - Manufactured Mitt: His Carefully Choreographed, Rare Iowa Appearances Attempt to Hide Positions on Carbon Emissions

After Mitt Romney skipped a presidential forum in Iowa hosted by the National Association of Manufacturers last week, he should use today's appearance at Dubuque manufacturing facility to answer the tough questions he is avoiding about his record of environmental activism. 


"Mitt Romney regulated Massachusetts electric supplies by capping carbon emissions, and now he's trying to regulate his political risk in Iowa by capping his exposure to tough questions," said Perry campaign spokesman Ray Sullivan. 


"Given that Romney has visited the state just four times in 2011, he should take this rare opportunity to finally give Iowans clear, honest answers about his support for job-killing carbon caps and his ever-changing views on climate change," said Sullivan.


The Perry campaign suggested Romney answer the following questions:


1) Do you still believe that coal plants "kill people," as you said in 2003? [1] If not, why on earth would you use such language to attack the producers that provide about 70% of Iowa electricity and 44% of American electricity and a cost-effective energy source for manufacturers?


2) In 2005, you were the first governor in America to cap carbon emissions and claimed such limits "provide real and immediate progress in the battle to improve our environment." [2] Why do you now claim to oppose the very measures you enacted as governor?


3) Two of your top environmental advisors in Massachusetts were so liberal that President Obama appointed them to key posts in his administration. [3] Will you publicly commit that, if elected, you will no longer appoint liberal environmental activists to positions in your administration?


4) In June, you said you believed that humans are contributing to global warming. [4] But in October, you said the causes of climate change were unknown. [5] What is your current position and why?




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