AFPNH - Will the new "Consumer Advocate" Keep the Lights on in NH?

I hope that everyone's electricity has been restored following the recent snow storm. If the experience left you feeling a little powerless, I encourage you to contact Governor Lynch at 271-2121 and urge him to make sure the Public Utilities Commission looks into how PSNH mishandled this storm and were caught unprepared to restore power to their customers.

On a related note with regard to power, this Wednesday the NH Executive Council will hold a vote on the nomination of Meredith Hatfield to continue in her role as NH Consumer Advocate.

The website for the NH Consumer Advocate’s office displays their charge as, “Working on behalf of NH’s utility ratepayers.”

Unfortunately, I believe Ms. Hatfield is not up to the task outlined on the website due to her support of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

As you know, RGGI is nothing more than a failed cap-and-trade scheme that has led to INCREASES for NH’s ratepayers.  Ms. Hatfield cannot be an advocate for NH ratepayers AND an advocate for RGGI.

Call or email your Executive Councilor today, and tell them to stand up for NH families and electric customers by OPPOSING the nomination of Meredith Hatfield as NH Consumer Advocate.

Raymond S. Burton (District 1) - Phone: 603/481-0863 - Email:

Daniel St. Hilaire (District 2) - Phone: 603/568-5515 - Email:

Christopher Sununu (District 3) - Phone: 603/658-1187 - Email:

Ray Wieczorek (District 4) - Phone: 603/624-1655 - Email:

David Wheeler (District 5) - Phone: 603/672-6062 - Email:

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Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire

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