CEI Daily - Unions, War, and the Regulatory Roundup



The Department of Labor is giving a huge handout to union bosses by loosening financial disclosure laws. 


Research Associate Trey Kovacs comments.


"Under the new regulation, DOL’s union financial reporting document, the Form LM-30, will no longer require financial disclosure reporting by union stewards, leave for workers performing union activities while being paid by their employer, financial dealings with credit institutions (such as loans), and union officials’ payments from union trusts."






In The New York Times last week, Paul Krugman argued that Republicans are being hypocritical by decrying virtually all spending save military spending.


Research Associate Matthew Melchiorre pens a letter to the editor in response to Krugman.


"It is unfortunate that Mr. Krugman falls into the same Keynesian trap as his rightward colleagues. He asserts, 'Military spending does create jobs.' How true. But what use is a job if it doesn’t create a good or service that a consumer wants to buy? Government-induced war production is not stimulative. Rather, it crowds-out private production. History bears that out."



Regulatory Roundup


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young presents another "Regulation Roundup."


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