NHDP - ICYMI: Reckless State Budget Kills 100 NH Jobs

otal number of NH jobs killed by reckless Republican state budget passes 1,500


Concord, NH - When confronted with the news that their reckless state budget had killed 100 New Hampshire jobs yesterday, Republican lawmakers showed no remorse for their job killing votes.  Republican State Representative Charles Sova even told the Valley News that "he would make the same choice" again.


Since it took effect in July, the Republican state budget has killed more than 1,500 New Hampshire jobs. [Chart]  The state unemployment rate which had been on the decline for 16 consecutive months has now increased five months in a row.  [Graph]


"How many hard working New Hampshire residents need to lose their jobs before Republicans in Concord will admit their irresponsible budget has been a complete disaster?" asked Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Not only don't House and Senate Republicans care that hundreds of Granite Staters are losing their jobs, they would vote to kill those jobs all over again if given a second chance."   


"Their reckless Tea Party agenda needs to stop immediately," continued Kirstein.  "It is so at odd with the values of New Hampshire citizens that voters have consistently named them one of the top three problems facing the state."


In the three most recent polls from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, respondents self identified the new Republican legislature as one of the top three problems facing the state of New Hampshire.  [UNH.edu]


The full text of the article in today's Valley News can be found here.