NHDP - Speaker O'Brien's Corruption of Power Knows No Bounds

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement on Speaker O'Brien playing political games with the our state constitution during the House Session this morning.
"Bill O'Brien, DJ Bettencourt and the Republican majority have repeatedly manipulated the system to fit their reckless job killing agenda - and we've seen it yet again today, pushing a vote on the Governor's constitutional amendment language without due consideration or public input. Their goal was to play irresponsible political games, not make progress for the people of New Hampshire.  
"For hundreds of years the New Hampshire House has been regarded for its open process. Speaker O'Brien and his Republican leadership team are drunk on power, plain and simple. The Speaker and his Republican Tea Party team are not working for the people.  Over the past few months their budget has killed nearly 2,000 New Hampshire jobs. Instead they are simply working to push their extreme ideology."