CEI Weekly: Could the REINS Act Save Washington?

Friday, December 9, 2011




Feature: CEI experts say the REINS Act could change the federal rulemaking process.

FEATURED STORY: Could the REINS Act Save Washington?


Unelected bureaucrats at federal agencies are passing rules that are costing our nation a fortune. Finally, some Congressmen have decided to do something about that. Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to pass the REINS Act, which would prevent agencies from passing costly rules without Congressional approval. CEI released a statement praising the bill the day before the House vote. Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews discussed the bill in more detail in his Forbes column.





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December 8, 2011 -- The House Passes the REINS Act . . .


The REINS Act would require Congress to vote on all economically significant regulations — rules that cost at least $100 million per year. The House passed the bill yesterday, and now it moves on to the Senate. Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews talks about the impact REINS could have on increasing transparency and accountability. He also offers up a few more ideas for further regulatory reform.