Karger Releases Rick Perry Perrody "Ashamed" OpEd Featured in Sunday's Concord Monitor

As widely reported, Rick Perry released a his controversial "Strong" commercial last week, which has quickly earned the distinction of being one of the most disliked videos in YouTube history.  Karger quickly responded by working with California filmmaker Kristina Lapinski to create his Perry perrody "Ashamed," shot this weekend in New Hampshire.  Click on image below to watch the latest release. 

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Microloans will create U.S. entrepreneurs

Obama has failed to fix the economy

By Fred Karger / For the Monitor
December 11, 2011

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President Obama has failed to turn our economy around, and we continue to bleed jobs in this country. We need to take action to help put Americans back to work now. The Obama administration's $447 billion giveaway is merely designed to help get him re-elected. It is money that we do not have. We need new ideas to get our county moving again. The days of lifetime employment by big corporations are winding down. We need to come up with new, innovative ways to help people start their own businesses and get America back to work.

More than two-thirds of all new jobs in the U.S. are created by small businesses. To create jobs, we must invest in these businesses. Banks have grown wary of lending money to individuals. We must find alternative methods to help create more entrepreneurs and strengthen small businesses.

American corporations have $1.1 trillion parked overseas to avoid our hefty corporate tax rate of 35 percent. Instead of American corporations paying 35 percent in taxes on their corporate earnings, I propose a one time tax holiday on this overseas capital where corporations will instead be assessed a flat 7.5 percent repatriation fee, all of which will be used to create the American Entrepreneurs' Trust. We can then tap our country's greatest entrepreneur, Warren Buffett, to administer and run the American Entrepreneurs' Trust. With $45 billion to $82.5 billion for startup capital received from the repatriation fee, the American Entrepreneurs' Trust will provide low interest microloans to a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The Grameen Bank, the only for-profit bank to win the Nobel Peace Prize, has demonstrated to the world that microloans can successfully create jobs, bolster businesses and lift millions out of poverty. These microloans will create an alternative lending system for the average American, heeding the cries of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Americans who want to apply for these microloans will be trained on how to create their business proposals and loan applications through a new online program, Entrepreneurs.gov.

Entrepreneurs.gov will bring the Small Business Administration into the 21st century. It will use the power of the internet to connect entrepreneurs directly with mentors, peers and new investors. Retired corporate executives would be recruited to help these budding businessmen and women and teach them how to start and run a successful business.

During the last tax holiday in 2004, American companies brought home a reported $312 billion, all of which went into the U.S. Treasury. Despite all the promises, those new jobs never materialized.

We must not allow Congress to pass another tax holiday with no assurance of creating jobs. We need bold new ideas and bold actions to help put Americans back to work and create the opportunity for everyone to live the American dream.

(Fred Karger is a Republican candidate for president.)