New on More Evidence Romney Touted His Massachusetts Plan as Model in 2007

Manchester - Today, the Huntsman campaign unearthed press releases from Mitt Romney's 2008 campaign that further demonstrate that he would have lost the $10,000 bet he offered to Rick Perry during Saturday night's ABC News debate in Iowa.

The press releases titled "A History of Conservative Health Care Reform" and "Romney Vision" tout his Massachusetts health care plan's "personal responsibility principle" (read: mandate) and highlighted the plan as a "national model that would dramatically expand access to health care."

See both press releases at HERE and HERE.

"It is clear that Mitt Romney once touted Romneycare as a 'national model' before he changed his mind and his book. Governor Huntsman signed a free market health care reform plan in Utah that was the opposite from the top heavy, mandated approach that President Obama and Governor Romney took," Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said.