The Daily Newt – From Windham NH to winning NH

From Windham NH to winning NH

The 2010 Census puts Windham NH at about 13,000 people, and 1,000 people attended Monday’s Windham town hall meeting with Newt. For a New York City (population 8 million-plus) native like me, it is dumbfounding to think that a comparable event there would have to turn out 600,000 people. Start spreading the news? Newtmentum is spreading in New Hampshire!

I spoke with numerous community members, rightly proud of the expansive new high school facility, including the auditorium and the cafeteria that served as an overflow screening room for several hundred. They have enjoyed Broadway-worthy student productions of the Nutcracker and Anthony and Cleopatra, but they had never before seen and heard from a White House-worthy public servant and leader.

POLITICO reported that Newt met “deafening applause” with the “serious, controlled manner of a nominee holding a general election town hall.” The New Hampshire Patch outlets said, “Signs Point to Possible Gingrich Win in NH,” judging the town hall “one of the largest crowds for a campaign event in New Hampshire this year – perhaps even the largest.” New Hampshire Public Radio thought the overflow room alone would have been a good turnout. Boston Herald: “Gingrich hits NH stride.”

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