DNC - Alliance for Retired Americans, NH State Rep. React to Mitt Romney’s Out of Touch Medicaid Comments

Washington, D.C. - ARA Executive Director Ed Coyle and Rep. Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua) called Mitt Romney out of touch for telling an Iowa audience today that he didn’t know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare.  Romney also said, “And by the way, I’m concerned about the poor,” which just goes to show that he considers working American families an afterthought. All of this is coming from a candidate who supports policies that would toss 36 million Americans off of Medicaid.

Ed Coyle, Executive Director of the ARA, said that Romney’s record indicates he cannot capably represent the 31,000 ARA members in Iowa and the 12,000 members in New Hampshire.

“The Alliance for Retired Americans are committed to keeping America as a nation where we still lend a helping hand to the young and to the old and to the sick and to the poor,” said Coyle. “While Romney could have taken just one moment to learn the difference between these vital programs that millions of older Americans and the poor rely onto make ends meet, he instead spent the majority of his career prior to government as a corporate buyout specialist laying off American workers, shipping jobs overseas, and bankrupting companies for his own profit.”

New Hampshire State Representative Cindy Rosenwald said that Medicare and Medicaid are important issues for the people of New Hampshire.

“Medicaid is counter-cyclical. When the economy is down, more people rely on it. Low income children make up 60% of the recipients,” said Rep. Rosenwald. “Mr. Romney supports turning Medicaid into a block grant that would shift costs to the states already struggling.”

DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse added, “I think if I had a dollar for every out of touch comment or policy of Mitt Romney’s I could perhaps buy Bain Capital.”

Listen to the call here: http://my.democrats.org/page/-/audio/calls/20111216_CC.mp3