Heritage: The Weather is Cooling, but the Battle of Ideas is Heating Up!

Peruse These Great Conservative Resources
Yesterday was Bill of Rights Day, which commemorated the ratification of our nation's first 10 constitutional amendments.  The Insider Blog posted a video about the importance of the rule of law. Other blog posts teach you that Timing Matters in Social Networking and tips on Building Your Brand By Brandishing Your Best Brochures.


Having Dinner With Your Family Matters
Do you believe that having dinner as a family is healthy but can't put your finger on why? Research shows that families who have dinner together are far less likely to engage in substance abuse.
Heritage updated FamilyFacts.org with new data on the family and religious practice in America. Faith and family play a critical role in maintaining civil society. Before you engage in public policy debates on religion and social policy please visit FamilyFacts.org for factual reinforcements.


The National Popular Vote Plan Would Abolish the Electoral College
The National Popular Vote scheme (NPV) is a major effort being made to effectively abolish the Electoral College  This state compact would force states to allocate their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, rather than the winner of the popular vote in their state. Watch a video of a recent event in which state attorneys general raise serious concerns about NPV's unintended consequences.

It's Time to Scrap the Existing Tax Code
I'm sure you've heard many tax proposals, and even the idea of a flat tax.  Tax expert J.D. Foster put together a NEW flat tax proposal that's as easy as one, two, three.

Regarding Wealth: A Rising Economic Tide Lifts ALL Ships
It is imperative that conservatives educate the public on how free market policies help all citizens, from the richest to the poorest.  There are so many misconceptions our there that the Acton Institute's Jay W. Richards took a crack at explaining the Eight Myths of Wealth and Poverty from a Christian conservative perspective.


Choose Sovereignty Over Submission
Donna Hearne's Constitutional Coalition is hosting their Educational Policy Conference 23 on January 26-28 in Saint Louis, MO.  The conference will focus on American's choice between sovereignty or submission and feature a presentation by Heritage's own Genevieve Wood.