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  1. President Obama NEEDS New Hampshire, where is he?
  2. Congressman Bass reduces small Business Regulation
  3. Congressman Guinta helps NH by extending Payroll Tax Cuts
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President Obama NEEDs New Hampshire, where is he?

To lead off our newsletter this week, we want to bring to your attention a Washington Post story in which the Obama campaign team outlines its various options to reelection. Every one of his plans requires a win in New Hampshire. (Click here to read the full story)

"The Obama team used as its baseline for each of these five scenarios the 246 electoral votes that Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (D) won in his 2004 loss to President George W. Bush. That means that Obama could lose none of the states he and Kerry carried in 2004 and 2008 — including swing states like New Hampshire and Wisconsin — and have the numbers add up."

Just as we have in past elections, New Hampshire will play a critical role in 2012. Based on the Obama campaign team's own analysis, the Granite State will be targeted by Democrats in hopes of giving President Obama enough electoral votes to guarantee his reelection. We're fighting to stop this plan and deliver our state for the GOP Republican nominee.
Can we count on your support of $500, $250, $100 or $50 to help us prepare for victory?


Congressman Bass Supports Legislation to Reduce Burdensome Federal Regulation on Small Businesses

Washington - Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) supported legislation in the House of Represenatives this afternoon that will reduce the excessive and burdensome federal regulations that stifle economic growth among New Hampshire's and the nation's top job creators - small businesses.

The Regulatory Flecibility Improvements Act (H.R. 527) passed the House by a vote of 263 to 159 late this afternoon.

Bass said:

"Small businesses across New Hampshire and the nation spend thousands of dollars and huge amounts of time every year to comply with federal regulations that are often times unnecessary, redundant, or confusing. These regulations inhibit economic growth by discouraging small businesses to grow and create new jobs in the process. Today's legislation will bring greater transparency to the federal regulatory process and eliminate the "one-size-fits-all" regulations that disproportionately affect our nation's job creators, helping to get people back to work."

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Congressman Guinta votes to help New Hampshire Families by extending the Payroll Tax Cut

Washington - "This Bill protects Granit Staters from starting 2012 on the wrong foot by being slappd in the face with a tax hike. Food, energy and otehr prices are still very high, and middle-class families can't afford to have their paycheck shrink by almost $20 every week. I'm committeed to keeping taxes low for everyone, to helping job creators expand their payrolls and to getting more Granite Staters back to work. I call on the Senate to pass this important legislation, and for President Obama to sign it."

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