Smith Blasts State's Lack of Fleet Management Plan and Abuse of State Vehicle Usage

Says he has a record of making reforms in state government

Concord, NH – Today, the Union Leader ran a story on a new report set to be published next week by state think-tank, The Josiah Bartlett Center.  According the the report, it cited among other things, the misuse of state vehicles for personal travel, in which state employees racked  up over 1.5 million miles for personal use at the tax-payers expense.

Commenting on the disturbing report was gubernatorial candidate, Kevin Smith:

“This latest report from the Josiah Bartlett Center is both alarming and a sobering reminder of how badly state government needs to be reformed.  The inefficiencies and abuse resulting from the lack of any kind of fleet management plan are just the tip of the iceberg.  Having served in the executive branch of state government, both in the governor's office and as a senior manager in the state's largest agency, I have a record of leadership in finding efficiencies in state government as well as making reforms to ensure that our government is more accountable to the taxpayers.  I look forward to bringing this record of leadership back to the executive branch when elected governor."