Smith's Campaign Platform Addressing Biggest Concerns of BIA Members

Members site cost of energy, business taxes, and cost of health care most concerning 

Concord, NH – Today, New Hampshire's Business and Industry Association's CEO, Jim Roche, presented the findings of a recent survey of its members to a joint legislative committee on New Hampshire's economic outlook.  What the survey revealed is that business owners in the Granite State are most concerned about New Hampshire's high business tax climate, the rising cost of health care, and the high cost of energy. 

Since announcing his candidacy for Governor, Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kevin Smith, has been stressing the need for New Hampshire to develop a long-term economic plan that addresses our need to be competitive in attracting new, high-paying, sustainable jobs to the state especially in the areas of manufacturing, high-tech, bio-tech, clean and digital technologies, and health care.   

Commenting on the latest findings by the BIA was gubernatorial candidate, Kevin Smith:

“Our challenges economically couldn't be more clear: we need to be more proactive in reducing our business taxes, finding ways to deliver more affordable health care, and reducing the cost of our high energy rates.  Make no doubt, it's going to take specific bold solutions to address these problems - that is why I have been advocating for eliminating the BET tax for business that do not turn a profit, expanding the R&D tax credit, easing up on the mandates for health insurance companies to foster more competition, and eliminating burdensome mandates, such as RGGI, that only serve to drive up energy costs."

Last month, Smith outlined many of these initiatives with WMUR's Josh McElveen on Close-UP.  See the interview here.