Perry for President Announces 'NH Fed Up with Washington Coalition' State Chairs

Today, Governor Rick Perry received the endorsement of two fiscal conservative tax fighters who will be heading up his “Fed Up with Washington” Coalition in New Hampshire. Small business owner and Former city of Franklin Mayor Tony Giunta and Army Veteran and Croydon State Representative Steve Cunningham will be co-chairing this conservative coalition.

“Americans are indeed Fed Up with the spending, corruption, and blatant disregard for the people and our constitution that is coming out of DC,” said Representative Cunningham. “Rick Perry is the only non-Washington, non-establishment candidate in this GOP Primary race.  Only he has the bold ideas, executive experience, and courage to actually take on Washington to make it work for the people again. I am very proud to support Rick Perry for President.”

Over the past two months, Governor Perry has laid out three plans to take on Washington’s politics-as-usual and focus on fostering a strong, job creating business climate in American once again: Uproot and Overhaul Washington; Cut, Balance and Grow; and Energizing American Jobs and Security.

“At this tenuous time in our nation’s history, we need an experienced leader who recognizes that fixing this nation’s problems is way beyond tinkering around the edges or merely tweaking status quo,” said former Mayor Giunta, “Rick Perry’s plans to overhaul Washington do just that—shake up Washington and put American back on the path to prosperity.”

Highlights of Governor Perry’s proposals include advocating for a part-time citizens’ Congress that is closer and more accountable to the people; an unapologetic plan to eliminate the death tax, eliminate taxes on social security benefits and allow Americans the choice of a 20% flat tax; and a vision to create 1.2 million American jobs by freeing our domestic energy sector from burdensome regulations.

“I look forward to working with Representative Cunningham and all the members of the Fed Up with Washington Coalition to spread the message that the only true outsider with the consistent conservative leadership, ideas and integrity ready to get America back on track is Rick Perry,” added former Mayor Giunta.