NH GOP - One Year Later: Republican Leadership Pulled New Hampshire Away from the Fiscal Brink

Concord, NH – Exactly one year ago today, on December 1, 2010, Republicans took control of the New Hampshire House and Senate.  The day they started, they faced a bleak fiscal mess left by four years of spendthrift Democrat rule.  This reality included a budget deficit of nearly $900 million, an economy that had been ravaged by over 100 new taxes and fees, tens of millions of dollars in borrowed money to pay for operating costs and huge property tax increases.

Over the past year, Republican leadership has begun turning around the state’s fiscal picture.  During this past year, the lawmakers have:

  • Passed a fiscally responsible, balanced budget that did not increase taxes or fees, does not downshift onto local property taxpayers, and does not increase borrowing;
  • Did not increase taxes or fees, and even reduced or eliminated 12 taxes and fees, including the immensely unpopular car registration surcharge;
  • Passed 43 laws that reduced regulations;
  • Began reforming the state pension system to ensure that retirees will continue to get benefits without bankrupting taxpayers; and
  • Overhauled the state budget system to ensure that state agencies now submit budgets that make reductions, not just one to grow government.

New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald commented on these achievements by saying, “When Republicans took over last year, the state was facing the wreckage of Democrats’ failed leadership of higher taxes, borrowing from our children and grandchildren, and accounting gimmicks to hide the true cost of their out-of-control spending.  Granite Staters should know that their tax dollars are in good hands with Speaker Bill O’Brien and Senate President Peter Bragdon watching the state’s fiscal future.”