NHDP - O'Brien's Anti-New Hampshire Priorities Continue

O'Brien's Anti-New Hampshire Priorities Continue
Birthers are in and jobs are out at the O'Brien's State House


Concord, NH - Yesterday after failing to pass the job and wage killing right to work for less bill, House Republican Speaker Bill O'Brien took frustration with his own failure out on members of his leadership team.  TheLobbyNH.com reported Speaker O'Brien fired four members of his leadership team who had refused to support the labor busting law, including a committee chair. [TheLobbyNH.com, 11/30/2011]


In sharp contrast, Speaker O'Brien plans to allow Al Baldasaro, chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, to keep his post despite him joining Tea Partier Orly Taitz in a fringe complaint that aimed to remove President Obama from the New Hampshire ballot. After the request was flatly dismissed, Baldasaro and other House Republicans threatened members of the Ballot Law Commission and called them traitors - a situation that is currently under investigation by the Attorney Generals' Office. [Concord Monitor, 11/23/2011]


This isn't Baldasaro's first controversy.  Earlier this fall, Baldasaro applauded the booing of an American Soldier stationed in Iraq because he was gay.  More than 1,300 people have called for Baldasaro's resignation. [Petition]


"In Bill O'Brien's State House members of the radical Birther movement and booing our men and women serving in the military are in, but jobs are out," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "O'Brien's anti-New Hampshire agenda needs to stop immediately.  He should remove Al Baldasaro from his leadership post and hold a vote to censure the other members of his out of control caucus."


"Since Speaker O'Brien took office a year ago, New Hampshire's State House has become a circus and the Republican caucus a national embarrassment," continued Kirstein.  "Given their reckless agenda, irresponsible antics, and job killing budget it is no surprise that New Hampshire voters have called this legislature one of the three most serious problems facing the state in three consecutive polls."





O'Brien sacks leadership team members for Opposition to Right to Work vote."Four members of House Speaker William O'Brien's extended leadership team will be sacked for their opposition to Right-to-Work legislation, TheLobbyNh.com has learned. House Fish and Game Commission Chairman Gary Hopper, R-Weare, has already turned in his letter of resignation from running the panel." [TheLobbyNH.com, 11/30/2011]


In fringe complaint joined by Rep. Al Baldasaro, Tea Partier urges removal of President Obama from ballot. "Orly Taitz, one of the leaders in the so-called "birther" movement, attempted to persuade the Ballot Law Commission to remove Obama's name from the ballot earlier this month...The day after her request was denied, she wrote a letter to Speaker of the House William O'Brien, which was also posted on her website, asking Gardner be removed from office...Gardner committed fraud and treason," wrote Taitz....[S]he is joined in her request by nine state representatives, including Reps. Harry Accornero, R-Laconia and Al Baldasaro, R-Londonderry." [Union Leader, 12/1/2011]


1,300 Signatures to Remove NH Rep. Al Baldasaro as Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee."New Hampshire State Representative Al Baldasaro said the booing of a man serving his country in Iraq was "great." Baldasaro told Think Progress, "I was so disgusted over that gay marine coming out...He doesn't realize it, but when the sh** hits the fan, you want your brothers covering your back, not looking at your back." [Petition]


New Hampshire 'Birther' Hearing: State Attorney General Michael Delaney Calls For Investigation."New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney asked State Police to investigate a Ballot Law Commission hearing on Friday involving several state representatives...After the hearing, he and Assistant Secretary of State Karen Ladd locked themselves in an office and called capitol security and the attorney general's office. Crowd members yelled and banged on his door, he said."[HuffingtonPost, 11/23/2011]


Republican Legislature is one of the top three problem facing NH.  In three consecutive University of New Hampshire Survey Center polls, New Hampshire voters self identified the Republican legislature as one of the three most serious problems facing the state of New Hampshire. [UNH Poll, 10/18/2011]