NRSC - Cornhusker Kickback

Two years ago, Senator Ben Nelson cut a deal and caved to party pressure by giving the Democrats the 60th vote needed to ram through Barack Obama's $2.5 trillion government-run health care bill.

Senator Nelson cut that backroom deal with Harry Reid -- to get the infamous Cornhusker Kickback -- even though he knew it cut Medicare by $500 billion, raised taxes by $500 billion, and was opposed by a strong majority of Nebraskans.

Of course when the political pressure mounted, he started backtracking.

Yet recently he proclaimed that he "wouldn't change his vote" and that he was proud to be the man that made government-run health care the law of the land.


Please, won't you take a moment to watch our latest video? And then share this with as many people as possible in order to ensure Senate Nelson is defeated and there's a change in leadership next November.

With your help today, we'll make sure that come November 6, 2012, Ben Nelson and other Democrats who voted for this job-killing bill come to regret standing with President Obama and Harry Reid on ObamaCare, the stimulus, and other liberal agenda items that have run our country into the ground.

That's why I'm asking you and thousands of other Republican supporters to make a generous contribution of $60 or more to help the NRSC raise $50,000 by midnight tonight. Your support today will go a long way to help us reach our $250,000 end-of-year fundraising goal -- a critical benchmark we must reach in the next 11 days in order for us to remain competitive as we head into the early months of the election year.

Your secure contribution of $60 will send a powerful and symbolic message that the American people have not forgotten how Senator Nelson sold out the American people when he cast the 60th vote for Obamacare.

Show them we still remember what happened two years ago and that we plan to pay them back by defeating them at the polls on Election Day.


Rob Jesmer

PS. Please spread our message by sharing the latest video to help defeat Ben Nelson and the Democrats for their backroom deals and disastorous health care bill. Thank you.