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Defending Your Second Amendment Rights

Following up on the message we reinforced yesterday—that we are committed to solving problems, not slinging mud, and to running a campaign based on action, not attack ads…

We have fielded a number of calls of concern from New Hampshire neighbors about an anti-Newt recorded phone message that maliciously misfires on Speaker Gingrich’s record on defending your Second Amendment rights.

In addition to staying positive in this campaign, we are staying focused on the issues that matter to Granite Staters. We refuse to get sidetracked by each and every distortion of Newt’s record of leadership, innovation, and upholding American values and exceptionalism. But the Second Amendment – and the entire U.S. Constitution for that matter – is especially sacred in the First in the Nation State. So here is a link to a section of the Newt 2012 website (which we assure you wasn’t added yesterday or just a week ago) on Newt’s defense of the right of the people to defend themselves. The Second Amendment section includes a video of Newt’s address at the 2011 NRA Annual Meeting. (P.S. That attack call you might have received was not from the NRA!)

Last month, Newt participated in a Constitutional Conversation in Hampton NH, hosted by the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC. Throughout the campaign, and during his presidency, Newt has and will discuss and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Discuss and defend the NewtHampshire campaign with your fellow Granite Staters.

National media appearance

When you stay positive, you don't have to spin. Newt enters the No Spin Zone on The O'Reilly Factor tonight on the Fox News Channel, 8pm ET.