NHDP - Statement on Hillsborough District 10 Primary Special Election

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement on the Hillsborough County District 10 State Representative Primary Special Election.


"Ward 3 voters had two outstanding Democratic candidates run in today's special election primary. While either of them would have made a strong Representative for the people of Manchester, Peter Sullivan is an exceptional choice. 


"Peter Sullivan will be a voice for common sense in Concord, working to put an immediate stop to Speaker O'Brien's reckless and irresponsible Tea Party agenda.  Making the largest cut to public higher education in the country, killing nearly 2,000 New Hampshire jobs with their reckless state budget, and passing a multi-million dollar tax break for big out of state tobacco companies are not policies lawmakers in Concord should be wasting taxpayer time and money forcing on our state."