US Rep Bass Statement on Today's House Vote on Payroll Tax Cut Bill

WASHINGTON – Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) issued the following statement this afternoon after the House of Representatives voted to go to a conference committee with the Senate on the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act. 

The Senate’s legislation would have extended the payroll tax cut, the current Medicare physician reimbursement rate, and unemployment benefits for two months instead of one year as the original House-passed version did. 

Bass said:

“Failure by the Senate to pass a year-long extension of the payroll tax cut and negotiate with the House on a long-term solution is another example of the partisanship and gridlock in Washington that New Hampshire citizens have grown to detest.  The American people expect and deserve the certainty that a year-long extension of these important programs would bring. 

“While I prefer a longer-term solution, had it come up as a vote today, I would have voted for the Senate’s two-month extension to ensure New Hampshire families won’t see their taxes increase on January 1st.  It’s unfortunate that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is playing political games and refuses to bring the Senate back into session to work on this issue.  But a two-month extension is better than none at all and would give the House and Senate some more time to work out differences in January and February. 

“I recognize this debate is not over.  The last thing we need is a tax increase on middle class workers in a tough economic environment on January 1st or any point next year as it will only stall our recovery and make it harder for the private sector to grow and create jobs.  I hope the House and Senate can come to an agreement, even if it means coming back into session, so Americans won’t see their taxes go up or their unemployment benefits run out in less than two weeks.”