U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta votes to send payroll tax cut proposal to Conference Committee

(Washington – December 20, 2011)   U.S. Representative Frank Guinta voted today in favor of a motion instructing a House-Senate Conference Committee to consider two proposals for extending the payroll tax cut.  The motion passed in a vote of 229 to 193.

Without a Congressional extension, the cuts will expire on December 31.  The payroll tax would automatically revert to its higher level on January 1, 2012, resulting in less take-home pay for many Granite State workers.   

Rep. Guinta released the following statement after the vote:

“On December 13th, I joined with the bipartisan majority in the House and voted to extend the payroll tax cut for a full year.  It was fully paid for and maintains Social Security funding.  A year extension is necessary because I know from my experience as a mayor that you simply can’t do responsible budgeting or financial planning on a short-term basis.  Yet last weekend, the Senate sent us a bill that would extend the cut for a mere 60 days, forcing Congress to deal with this issue again in February.   That deprives businesses and the federal government alike of long-term predictability, and would keep hardworking Granite Staters guessing whether their paychecks will shrink because of a tax hike.  This is no way to govern, and it’s no way to treat families that are struggling in this weak economy.

“Leader Reid, there’s still time to do the right thing: bring the Senate back into session and work with us to reach a compromise.  Countless hardworking Granite State families deserve no less.”