NHDP - ICYMI: Warning: NH lawmakers at work

Concord, NH - Today, the editorial boards of two of New Hampshire's largest newspapers lampooned the Republican plan to place signs warning drivers that they are entering Massachusetts from New Hampshire. The frivolous HB1412 was sponsored by Republican leadership, including Committee Chairs in both the House and Senate.


Excerpts from both editorials are below.


Eagle Tribune: Editorial: Warning: NH lawmakers at work

[Link: http://www.eagletribune.com/opinion/x1253558481/Editorial-Warning-NH-lawmakers-at-work]


"But if the Granite State legislators are truly serious about warning New Hampshirites about the police state to the south, they should stand at the border on a really busy road, like I-93, waving signs at the thousands and thousands of commuters who bravely enter Massachusetts every morning of the week because that's where their jobs are.


"Then everyone could see for themselves what loons these lawmakers are."


Keene Sentinel: Context is everything in the plan to put signs at the state line

[Link: http://sentinelsource.com/opinion/editorial/context-is-everything-in-the-plan-to-put-signs-at/article_6971a75f-eab2-557b-ac73-73bc09e30a81.html]


"In the Republican-dominated Legislature in 2011, state lines have been a big thing. Early this year there was a bill to create a state militia to defend against invasions; there was another bill to drop the gas tax to bring in more out-of-state drivers; another bill reduced the cigarette tax to try (unsuccessfully, it turned out) to lure tobacco addicts across the border. There was also considerable Republican whining about out-of-state college students voting here. And there has always been a lot of back-handed Republican dismissal of "Taxachusetts."


"And so, when legislators go out of their way to not merely take note of a state line but to warn of its approach, the public is bound to go on the alert.


"And a good thing, too. Did you know, for example, that according to a couple of websites that list oddball laws, in Marlborough, Mass., it is illegal to purchase, possess, sell, carry or distribute a squirt gun? Consider yourself warned."