July4PAC - Restore Traditional Marriage


Dear Friend,

Today is the day for you and me to stand together for our shared values!

As you know, the New Hampshire legislature became the first in the nation to approve gay marriage in 2009.  The vast majority of those who passed gay marriage were not transparent or public about that position during their campaigns.  The election of those legislators was heavily funded by out-of state millionaire gay activists. 

On Election Day 2010 the people of New Hampshire threw out most of the liberal politicians who took their money and voted for gay marriage.  They replaced them overwhelmingly with a new majority that cherishes the restoration of traditional marriage.

The people have spoken! They want the gay marriage law replaced with a law that respects traditional marriage. Now is the time for you to help make this happen.  Visit the new website NHforMarriage.com today and sign up to help restore traditional marriage in the Granite State.  This is your opportunity to do your part.

Throughout my campaign for State Senate, I was clear and open about my support for the traditional view and definition of marriage.  And, I might add, my opponent was equally clear about her support for the legalization of same sex marriage.  With this transparent and public record of my position on this issue, my constituents elected me to the State Senate.  I intend to keep my commitment to them.

That’s why I’m proud to serve as a co-sponsor of legislation that reflects the will of the people in restoring traditional marriage. And that’s why I am asking you for your help today.

Make your voice heard and stand up for families all across New Hampshire. Sign up to help at NHforMarriage.com and let us know if you are willing to contact a legislator, write a letter to the editor, spread the message on social media or help out in other ways.

This legislation has already passed in the House Judiciary Committee, and is scheduled for a vote by the full House of Representatives next January.  If you support traditional marriage, now is the time to sign up and lend a hand!


 Fenton Groen

Fenton Groen

State Senator

PS:  Last year in response to the flawed same sex marriage law, you helped to elect an overwhelming majority of State Legislators who support traditional marriage.  To ensure your vote mattered, sign up at NHforMarriage.com today.