The Daily Newt: Taking Your Questions

Fire away about the First in the Nation NewtHampshire campaign

Newt Gingrich has been coming to New Hampshire for thirty years…and up until the 2012 presidential campaign, not just to campaign for himself. (Yesterday, backstage before a Manchester town hall, he recited by memory a map of his favorite Elm Street eateries!)

On Wednesday, Speaker Gingrich honored a very simple but important Granite State tradition—letting citizens speak. After listening and responding to questions at a Manchester town hall, Newt continued to take individual questions (many about how to help the campaign!). Newt 2012 NH Chair Rep. Laurie Sanborn and NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien were also on hand to talk about why they’re with Newt.

(Newt at a Manchester NH town hall. Doesn't it look like he's waiting to take your question? He is!)

Like Newt, we on the NewtHampshire team ask a lot of questions ourselves. We’re constantly asking “Why?” because it is not our instinct to run a 20th century campaign when so many of us enjoy 21st century technologies in our daily lives. Just as often, we take a “Why not?” attitude, so we definitely invite your ideas and ingenuity. We trust your judgment, so nine times out of ten you probably don’t need to wait for one of us to say, “Go for it!” You can always check in and let us know why and how you’re with Newt, and use social media or other means to show your family and friends why and how you’re with Newt.

Like Newt, we love getting our neighbors informed so they can be active with us. Sign up at, and if you have individual questions, you can stop by or call our NH headquarters (968 Elm St., (603) 935-9380). We’ll be happy to direct you to the right people to best answer any and all questions about volunteering, events, coalitions, issues, the media, Election Day…or whatever else is on your mind.

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