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December 23, 2011

Dear Friend,

Season’s greetings!

Lisa and I wish you and yours the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons.

We are truly blessed to have your friendship and support. Quite honestly, on those tough days when my opponents are attacking me, knowing I can always count on you keeps me going.

As we gather with family and friends at this most wonderful time of the year, let us all take time to remember our patriotic service men and women stationed around the world protecting our freedoms. Having recently been with our troops in Afghanistan, I saw firsthand their dedication and bravery in the war against terror. Each and every one of our soldiers deserves our eternal respect, gratitude, and thanks.

Look forward to seeing you soon. Happy New Year!

Warmest wishes,

From the web...

One of my top priorities as a member of Congress is to get the government out of the way so both small and large businesses can create jobs and grow our economy. I was pleased to support the Regulatory Flexibility Act, which focuses on protecting businesses from unnecessary and burdensome regulations that cost time, money and jobs. Recently, Juliana Bergeron of Keene, a financial advisor, penned a commentary for the Nashua Patch under the headline “Rep. Bass Eases Pain for Small Businesses”. Here’s a bit of what she had to say...

“Under current law, if a rule will have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small businesses, then the agency must look at alternatives and weigh costs and benefits. But agencies are not complying fully with the current law. The Regulatory Flexibility Act will close loopholes and address weaknesses in the current law, to require agencies to conduct the kind of analysis they should already be doing.

The small business owners I meet say complying with regulations has become an overwhelming problem. This country can’t do well unless small businesses do well. Federal agencies should properly and periodically review their rules to ensure regulations aren’t unduly burdensome.

Some regulations are absolutely necessary to protect the public good. However, we need to ensure that regulations reflect a proper balance that does not unreasonably hinder small businesses, job creation and innovation. I commend Congressman Charlie Bass for helping to ease the burden on small businesses.”

From the papers...

Few things are as powerful as a letter in the newspaper showing support for the work I am doing both in New Hampshire and Washington. A special thanks to the many who wrote kind letters during the past year, including Alan Urquhart of Hillsboro, Representative Frank Sterling of Jaffrey, Marilyn Huston of Keene, Dr. Peter Loeser of Concord and Katherine Higgins of Henniker.

Please consider sending a letter to the newspapers in your area backing our fight against big government and big spending. If you need assistance with how best to submit your letter, please don’t hesitate to contact Brad Blais at and he will be happy to help.