Tea Party Nation - It's Time To Rock and Roll, Baby

Dear Patriot,

TheTeaParty.net hopes that everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend and that everyone is feeling as refreshed and energized as we are, because we have some big fights ahead.
Eric Holder is completely out of control, and the politicization of the justice department is reaching scary proportions. While most Americans were distracted with the joys of Christmas and family, the justice department quietly announced that they are striking down the voter identification law passed in South Carolina. Eric Holder is using the justice department as though it were just one more weapon of the liberal propaganda machine to be selectively used to attack conservatives and protect liberals. Eric Holder's selective enforcement of the law is a dangerous abuse of power and we must not let this stand!
Already we have sent nearly 300,000 letters to Congress demanding that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate obvious perjury committed on the ‘fast and furious’ debacle. Thanks to your letters, about 60 members of the House of Representatives have called for Holder’s resignation. We must keep the pressure on Congress, but we also need to hang the albatross of Eric Holder’s numerous scandals around the neck of President Obama as he seeks reelection.
Somebody has to take the fight to Eric Holder who just claimed that any criticism of him was clearly racism, and we are not going to be intimidated. There are so many scandals and abuses of power that many of them get lost in the shuffle. To start, we just need you to send another batch of letters to your Congressman and Senators demanding that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate Eric Holder, but we will be launching a comprehensive effort to publicize his many failings.


Dustin Stockton
Chief Strategist

P.S. Our strength is in numbers. Please help our efforts by forwarding to a friend.