The Daily Newt: Wicked Good Jobs

Donuts: The Breakfast of an Entrepreneur

Team NewtHampshire hopes you are enjoying not just happy holidays, but wicked good holidays. You might be reading this email already back on the job. If that is so, we hope you have a wicked good job. (We send a special thank-you if you created your own job or have created jobs for fellow Granite Staters and Americans.)

(Click here for the story of Ian's Wicked Good Donuts!)

Last week, Newt met Ian Hill, a young Northfield resident with an old-fashioned work ethic. Here’s a wicked good blog by Ian about his business, Ian’s Wicked Good Donuts, which he started at age 11!

This week, Newt begins a Jobs and Growth Tour. Newt will share his Jobs and Growth Plan with other entrepreneurs and hard workers.

Do you work for, or know of, another wicked good New Hampshire business primed to prosper under Newt’s Jobs and Growth Plan? Reply to this email and let us know!