DNC - FW: Statement of Portsmouth Mayor Tom Ferrini on Romney's Visit

Statement of Portsmouth Mayor Tom Ferrini on Romney's Visit

Portsmouth, NH - Today, Mayor Tom Ferrini released the following statement as Mitt Romney visits Portsmouth, NH.

"Last week, Mitt Romney released a television ad titled 'Moral Responsibility.'  One issue that should have been a part of that ad is the moral responsibility to our seniors, to students and to New Hampshire families who are struggling to make ends meet. It wasn't part of the ad, and it does not seem to be part of Romney's agenda.

Romney supports the Republican budget that would burden our seniors. When asked he has refused to even answer how he would stem rising tuition costs that are burdening New Hampshire students. Romney's proposal provides only $54 in tax relief for working families, while he called the President proposed $1000 tax cut a 'little bandaid.'

President Obama has proposed the American Jobs Act that would provide tax relief to 30,000 New Hampshire small firms, get teachers and first responders back to work in the Granite State and modernize our schools. Romney opposes the legislation.

President Obama is committed to making smart investments in our workforce, our young people and our future. Mitt Romney falls short for New Hampshire families."