The Daily Newt: Reagan Economist Onboard

From Camp Pemigewassett (Wentworth NH) to the Newt 2012 Camp

Newt’s Jobs and Growth Tour already has a big, big fan.

Renowned economist, father of the Laffer Curve and supply-side economics, and architect of the Ronald Reagan economic plan, Arthur Laffer, announced yesterday his endorsement of Newt Gingrich for President of the United States.

As we previously noted in a blog article, Laffer admires Newt’s Social Security reform plan and wished NewtHampshire well at a tax reform event.

Now he’s all in.

You are the first to know that Dr. Laffer will spend some of this campaign winter where he enjoyed campground summers as a youth—the First in the Nation Granite State. If you want to be the first to know when and where Dr. Laffer will be – maybe jobs and economic growth are for you, as for many, the most important issues – reply to this email and we’ll keep you in the know.

Invite friends to sign up at so they can get the intel on the next intelligent problem-solvers with Newt. We expect some more ‘big names’ to come onboard. But more importantly, as we’ve expressed all along, we’re most moved by the ‘big citizens’ who continue to step up as this conservative-yet-unconventional campaign grows.