AFP - How to win in 2012

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Robert, you and I both know how critical 2012 is going to be for our nation—and it’s up to concerned, patriotic Americans like you and me to bring back the economic freedom policies that made America the most prosperous nation in history, before it’s too late.

In 2012, Americans will choose between the Left’s plan to spend-and-borrow our way to a Greece-like financial collapse—or the tried-and-true economic freedom policies that made America the most prosperous nation in history.

In the next few months, AFP will launch our new 2012 Field Program that will reach more Americans than ever before in AFP history—and expose how the Left’s reckless policies are keeping our economy weak.

Over the next year, AFP’s Field Program will take action in 16 critical states, 204 counties, and will rally not just our 1.9 million conservative activists nationwide—but help attract millions of folks who not yet involved in our fight.

With 75 field coordinators, based right in your own neighborhoods and communities, we will lead the charge with coordinated:

  • Rallies and events,
  • Block walking,
  • Door knocking,
  • Phone banking,
  • And paid media and earned media on TV, radio, print, and the internet.

Robert, you know the kind of results AFP gets—and, in 2012, we’re going to make the biggest impact in our entire history.

But, in order to make our field program a success, we need all-hands-on-deck. Can you help us launch this critical new project next year?

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Thank you very much for your support of AFP. When I sit down with my wife and four little ones this Christmas, I’ll look into their eyes realizing that they will have the chance to grow up with the freedoms that made this nation great because of what you’ve done. 

Through your support of AFP, you are touching the lives of millions of families across America. So from my family to yours, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday season.


JP DeGance, AFP

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